Unparalleled Convenience : FlexMaster 75
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Unparalleled Convenience : FlexMaster 75

Efficient crowd control and safety management is critical in today’s business environment and to meet those needs we designed the FlexMaster 75, a collapsible plastic barricade that’s lightweight, portable but durable. This innovative barricade is designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Whether you’re managing a busy construction site, ensuring public safety in an emergency, or closing a warehouse isle, our collapsible barricade offers unparalleled convenience and reliability. Its user-friendly design allows it to be folded and carried like a suitcase for quick setup and takedown. Discover the perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and efficiency with our FlexMaster 75.


Transporting materials, barriers, and safety equipment can be a hassle and a strenuous task. To avoid these issues, we designed a lightweight easily portable plastic barricade. When not in use, it folds down into its own stands making a compact 5 inches wide ‘suitcase’ which has a lock to keep the case closed. The barrier also comes with convenient carrying handles, all these features allow for easy storage and transportation. Furthermore, the expandable barrier only weighs 16.5 pounds for ease of transportation. Fully extended, the barrier reaches 7.5 feet, offering substantial coverage for various applications. The barrier can be filled with water to increase the stability of the base.

Water Fillable Base for unparalleled convenience
carrying handle for unparalleled convenience

This barrier comes in a high-visibility red to ensure maximum awareness and safety in any environment. A neatly designed position lock keeps the barricade from contracting in or expanding outward from its locked position. The barrier contains reflective strips for low light visibility. These reflective strips will reflect light back to the source notifying that there is a barrier there and to be cautious of either roadwork, a construction zone, checkpoint etc.

reflective strips
Locking mechanism

Where This Product Excels

Construction Sites: Easy to transport and fast to set up makes the product ideal for any application requiring an ‘on the go’ barrier. Perfect for marking off hazardous areas, ensuring the safety of both workers and the public.

Public Works and Road Maintenance: Excellent for delineating work zones, redirecting traffic, sectioning off parts of a road and ensuring safety for both workers and drivers during road construction, closure and maintenance. The reflective strips are also great for nighttime checkpoints.

checkpoint using the flexmaster 75


The FlexMaster 75, a collapsible plastic barricade made from durable polyethylene, offers efficient crowd control and safety management with unmatched portability. Standing 38 inches high, folding down to a compact 5 inches, and extending to 7.5 feet, it weighs just 16.5 pounds. Designed for quick setup and takedown, it features convenient carrying handles, a secure locking mechanism, and can be filled with water for added stability. Its high-visibility red color and reflective strips ensure maximum awareness in any environment, making it perfect for construction sites, public works, and road maintenance, especially at night time checkpoints. Discover the perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and efficiency with the FlexMaster 75.