Efficient Access Control Solution The FlexMaster 110
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Efficient Access Control Solution The FlexMaster 110

Introducing our Plastic Expandable Barricade: The FlexMaster 110. A versatile and efficient expanding barrier for crowd control and area delineation. Crafted from durable, high-quality Polyethylene, this barricade offers the perfect blend of strength and flexibility to suit a variety of applications. Whether used for managing pedestrian traffic, cordoning off work sites, or creating safe event perimeters, the FlexMaster 110 provides a reliable and cost-effective solution. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of this innovative barricade.

Lightweight Portability

Transporting barricades between locations can often be a strenuous task. Introducing the FlexMaster 110, weighing a mere 14 lbs. This lightweight barrier offers unparalleled portability, allowing you to effortlessly move it wherever needed. Moreover, equipped with bottom wheels, the FlexMaster 110 offers the convenience of rolling it into place with ease. For added security and stability, the wheels feature a reliable locking mechanism, ensuring the barrier stays firmly in position when deployed.

FlexMaster being carried for efficient access control

Organized Storage

Ensuring efficient storage for your barricades is crucial for any organized workspace. With the FlexMaster 110, storage becomes a breeze. Measuring a mere 16 inches when contracted, this barricade is designed to optimize space utilization without compromising on functionality. What’s more, it boasts a secure locking mechanism that keeps the barricade firmly contracted during storage, minimizing accidental deployment and maximizing space in your storage area. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined storage solutions with the FlexMaster 110.

Locking mechanism when contracted

Interlocking Design

The ingenious interlocking design of the FlexMaster 110 revolutionizes barricade deployment and configuration. Featuring a seamless connection system, each barricade effortlessly locks into place with the next, creating a cohesive and sturdy barrier line. Whether you’re expanding your perimeter or creating a custom layout, the FlexMaster 110’s interlocking mechanism ensures a secure and reliable connection between barricades. Moreover, this versatile design allows for compatibility with other barricade models, enabling you to adapt and scale your barricade setup to meet the unique needs of any environment. With the FlexMaster 110, building a robust barricade system has never been easier or more efficient.

Interlocking design of the flexmaster

Extended Reach For Versatile Barrier Solutions

The FlexMaster 110 offers unparalleled flexibility with its impressive extension capability, stretching to an impressive 11.5 feet when fully extended. This remarkable feature allows you to create expansive barricade lines, effectively sectioning off large areas with ease. Whether you’re managing crowds at events, controlling access to construction sites, or maintaining safety in busy environments, the FlexMaster 110’s extended reach provides the versatility needed to adapt to a variety of situations. With its durable construction and reliable locking mechanism, you can trust that the barricade will remain stable and secure even at its maximum length, ensuring effective crowd control and enhanced safety wherever it’s deployed.

Flexmaster extended for efficient access control

Where This Product Excels:

Warehouses: Expandable barricades excel in warehouse settings by effectively delineating zones where forklifts or heavy machinery operate. This division minimizes the risk of accidents involving employees or customers passing through these areas. Serving as a practical solution to control access to work zones, these barricades foster a safety-conscious culture while optimizing workflow efficiency.

Hardware Stores: The dynamic aisles of hardware stores often feature towering shelves laden with bulky merchandise. To ensure safe navigation in these spaces, expandable barricades are strategically deployed to restrict access to aisles where scissor lifts or forklifts are active. This proactive approach not only safeguards the well-being of customers and staff but also streamlines logistical operations within the store environment.


In conclusion, the FlexMaster 110 Plastic Expandable Barricade stands as a versatile and efficient solution for crowd control and area delineation. Crafted from durable, high-quality Polyethylene, it offers the perfect blend of strength and flexibility for various applications. From managing pedestrian traffic to cordoning off construction sites and creating safe event perimeters, this barricade provides a reliable and cost-effective solution. Its lightweight portability, organized storage features, ingenious interlocking design, and impressive extension capability make it a standout choice for numerous industries and environments. Whether in warehouses, hardware stores, or any other setting, the FlexMaster 110 excels in enhancing safety, optimizing workflow efficiency, and providing peace of mind.

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