How and Why Barricade Covers Are Crucial
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How and Why Barricade Covers Are Crucial

Barricade covers, also known as barricade jackets, are essential tools in the world of event management. Furthermore, they serve a multitude of purposes that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of crowd control barricades. Their significance extends far beyond mere decoration, as they play a critical role in ensuring the safety, organization, and overall success of any event. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of barricade jackets and what they mean for events.

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Increased Safety

Barricade covers are mainly known for their role in promoting an event, but they have many other uses aside from that. A key use of covers is for wayfinding, being able to show where you need to go in cases of emergency, bathrooms, entrances and exits can all be enhanced by barricade covers. By putting a giant arrow with a label saying “Exit This Way” event attendees can tell where the exit is without having to navigate their way through a large venue. This feature can speed egress in case of emergency and is a key element of event safety. Barricades are also larger than signs making it easier to spot the directional messages.

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Event Aesthetics

Aesthetics is always a key factor in the success of an event. Customized barricade covers enhance the venue by adding event branding, vibrant colors, and advertising.

Choosing the right colors can make any environment pop that much more and convey a certain ‘vibe’ to an audience. Using vibrant or lighter colors can convey an emotion of energy or happiness, whereas using a red color can evoke a sense of passion. Using colors like navy or light blue can have a calming effect, associated with tranquility and safety. Using custom barricade covers allows event organizers to transform ’industrial’ looking crowd control barricades into furniture that enhances the aesthetics of the event and even contributes to the mood of the crowd.

Barricade banner in use image showing How and Why Barricade Covers Are Crucial

Setup And Teardown Is A Breeze

Unlike other large scale signage options barricade covers are easy to move, fast to set up and take up minimum storage space. You can either roll up or fold barricade covers for storage or transport and setting up a barricade cover is simple. First, drape the cover over the top rail of the barricade, then fasten the velcro on the bottoms and sides of the barricade and you’re done. Takedown is just as easy, simply reverse the steps!


Barricade covers are essential in event management, enhancing safety, aesthetics, and functionality. They can provide directional guidance, improve aesthetics and even contribute to mood. The large size of a barricade cover also makes it an ideal medium for advertising or promotional messaging. Easy to set up and dismantle, barricades streamline event preparation and cleanup, making them invaluable for any successful event.