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Premier Cut and Sew Shop for all your Barrier Cover needs

Long, wide bolts of quality material, experienced production procedures, trained workers, and knowledge of the frames, all guarantee that our products remain the best quality at the best value for our customers. Having the material on the shelf and the room to work is just the start of the process.

Knowledge of frames

Fitting the frame exactly requires the correct pattern. Here we offer our customers knowledge of almost every steel and plastic frame sold in the last 15 years. We already have patterns and barrier mannequins on hand to ensure proper fit for the most popular frame variations.

First-quality material

We select a proven source of banner material. Unlike those who use off-brands and seconds, we can guarantee that our colors are pure and consistent without defects that can affect the printing.

High volume efficiency

Like a clothing manufacturer, we can mass produce with laser cutters to give our customers high volume discounts.

Inexpensive small quantities

Likewise, we have the experience and skill with hand cutters to produce just one or two of the same jacket. This allows us to give our customers quick turnaround. This is especially evident in single ink jet prints.

Quality patterns

We do not use paper patterns. All our patterns are heavyweight coated nylon material that lays flat and maintains it shape every time. This assures accurate tracing and cutting.

Quality equipment and trained personnel

Our equipment is heavy duty and well maintained. The people who use it are well trained.

Fast turnaround

Our inventory and facilities are such that we can give fast, often as little as a 3-day, turnaround for solid colors in quantities of up to 25 units, at normal pricing.

Widest selection

Our designs have been innovative. We have actually produced practically every conceivable variation so our customers don’t have to suffer the “guinea pig” solution.

Flat printing

All of our graphic jobs are printed flat, prior to sewing, for the best possible images. They are then returned to the sewing floor for finishing.

Shipped rolled

Our jackets are shipped on rolls, not folded flat in boxes, to minimize creases in transit.

Proven procedures

Our logistics run so smooth that the silk screens are ready the moment the material is cut.

Details make the difference

• Details such as the thread selection, stitching, and trim, allow us to offer a superior product at a very competitive price.
• We use a heavyweight 92 thread that is UV protected.
• We use a full 2 inch wide hook and loop wrap on the ends with long runs of hook and loop, not small or narrow tabs.
• Every jacket has 3 grommets standard. We can supply more, if requested, at no extra cost.

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