Sun Coast Coverings is a proud member of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council

The Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC) is a privately funded, non-profit, corporate services organization. It is comprised of major corporations and public entities in education, industry, finance, professional services, construction, consumer products and health care-organizations that are tapping into the emerging multicultural marketplace. Through certification of minority-owned businesses, MMBDC assures the corporate buyer that an individual business is truly minority-owned, operated and controlled. For more than 25 years, the MMBDC has offered new and innovative networking programs, events, services and information that support the success of both its certified minority-owned businesses and its corporate members. By bringing these groups together, a wellspring of mutually beneficial opportunities arise. Corporate members are able to diversify their supply and product lines, while lowering costs and gaining insight into the new multicultural consumers Minority business owners can tap into new growth opportunities while learning from industry's corporate leaders. Simply put, the MMBDC is a credible, professionally recognized organization that brings together suppliers and buyers for today's diverse marketplace. Join today and reap the rewards of an MMBDC membership

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